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Tarto 12.-13.1.2013

All heroes Horace Horsecollar Best of Breed both days with CAC. AT Saturday he end up Best of Group 2 and finally Best in Show 2! What a day :)

All Heroes Horace Horsecollar, photo: Elina Haapakangas


Helsinki show. Peetu was first time in the show rings and he did it very well. Judge Arne Foss placed him 1st junior, Best Male with CAC and BOS! Well done Peetu :)

Happy Birthday to Peter Pan-litter's First year Birthday tomorrow!

All Heroes Peter Pan


At Porvoo Peetu's brother Toivo also got his first CAC at the same weekend.Toivo was 1st junior, BOB-junior, 2nd Best Male with CAC. Congratulations!
All Heroes Mr Smee

25.-26.08.2012 Visby, Ruotsi

We visited at Gotland and spend a lovely week there enjoying this beautiful island. There where also dog show weekend, where Hagrid was placed Best of Breed at both days. At first day he got also CAC and become Swedish Champion and second showday he got CACIB. Now Hagrid has got enough wins and titles for a while :) Thank you all the judges who has placed him so highly this year!

C.I.B* & Fi & Se & Lv & Ee Ch WJW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid


Rauha 10 months old (All Heroes Tiger Lily) was first time in Finland junior class. Judge Andras Polgar from Poland like her a lot and placed her 2nd best bitch with Res-CAC. Well done little girl!


Lovely weekend at sunny Pärnu, Estonia!

Saturday, judge Dusan Paunovits:
Aada (Fi & Lv Ch All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster) BOB, CAC, Cacib & Ee Champion
Hagrid (Fi & Lv Ch JWW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid) BOS, CAC, cacib & Ee Champion & C.I.B*!
Rauha (All Heroes Tiger Lily) jun-CAC & BOS-junior & 3rd BB

Sunnuntai, judge Vitaly Belskiy:
Häkkinen BOB ja cacib
Aada 2nd BB & res-cacib
Rauha jun-CAC & BOS-junior & 3rd BB

Rauha 10 kk


At Kotka Int Show Hemmo (All Heroes Horace Horsecollar) was placed 1st of Intermediate class with CQ and finally 4th best male under judge Christian Karcher, France. Well done :)


2 x Riga Int Show, Latvia

Saturday 9.6, judge Mariano di Chicco, Italy:
Fi Ch, WJW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid: BOB, CAC, CACIB & LV Ch
All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster: BB2, res-CACIB

Sunday 10.6, judge Igor Mioc, Croatia:
Fi & LV Ch, WJW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid: BOB & CACIB
All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster: BOS, CAC & CACIB

Hagrid 5 years
Aada, almost 2 years


Swedish Speciality Show, Ludgo

Nisse (Se Ch All Heroes Chief As Reepicheep) was placed winner of champion class and finally Best of Opposite Sex under judge Björn Einarsve! Nisse got also "best import-bullmastiff" price. We are so proud of you Annica & Nisse! You are such a great team :)
Hagrid's puppies from Bohlby kennel did also very well; Bohlby Stella Polaris become 2nd best bitch and her sister Bohlby Capella 3rd best bitch. Grattis to their breeder Ebba!

Nisse BOS
Bohlby juniors out of Ch All Heroes Giant as Hagrid and Ch Bohlby Nyponros


At Riihimäki group show Mauno ( All Heroes Lion like Aslan) become a new Finnish Champion! Judge Katrin Lahi placed him Best of Breed. Congratulations!

Mauno BOB & new Fi Ch


Ginny (BH All Heroes Red like Ginny) passed IPOR-suitability test, witch contains obedience, searching from ruins and agility, and got title RH-T E. Great work Riitta & Ginny!

Ginny as a 8 weeks old puppy

At the same day we where at Puppy Show with some puppies from Peter Pan-litter. Best male of them was Toivo (All Heroes Mister Smee), who was placed 2nd best male of 7-9 months old male puppies. His sister Rauha ( All Heroes Tiger Lily), won 7-9 months old puppy bitch class and become BOS-puppy. Well done Tanja & Rauha!



We have two new girls! Älli arrived here from Scotland and Elsa from Sweden. You'll find more info of them in co-owned page.


We have puppies! More info at Puppies-page.


Aada become 2nd best bitch with CAC + res-cacib in Tallin Winnershow! Hagrid was placed 4th best male.


Turku Int Show

Aada (All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster) was placed 1st of intermediate class, best bitch with CAC & Cacib and finally BOS! Judge was Torbjörn Skaar from Sweden.

Aada VSP, serti & Cacib


Nisse (Se Ch All Heroes Chief As Reepicheep) was ranked 2# at Swedish Top Winning Bullmastiff males. Big congratulations Annica & Nisse!

Nisse, winter 2011.


Sanni's (Bullgrin's Kind of Macig) official hip results are A/B!


Sara (C.I.B & Fi & Se & Lt & Lv Ch Oligopolin Amor Vivus) celebrate her 9th Birthday today! Big congratulation Sara :)

Birthday girl


We went hiking to Komio conservatio area with ten bullmastiffs. Great afternoon with good company, lovely bullmastiffs and beautiful protected nature around us. We'll definitely come back next spring!


Riitta and Ginny passed behaviour test today at Tuusula! Big congrats Riitta and Ginny, who earned new title "BH" All Heroes Red like Ginny!!


Puppies are here! Lahja and Touch are proud parents of 10 little ones. We have here 6 males (2 red + 4 brindle) and 4 females (2 red + 2 brindle). If you are interested in to get more information, go to the puppies-page.


Gimo Int Show, Sweden

Nisse become BOS and get his 2nd CACIB from Sweden. Congratulations Annica & Nisse, you are a great team :)


Vantaa National Show

Aada (All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster ) was placed 1st in junior class with CQ, then Best bitch with CAC and finally Best of Breed! What a day for this young lady!

All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster


Health results:

Aada (Ms Emily Quacfaster): Elbows: 0/0, heart checked & clear (07/11)
Milla (Magica de Spell): Elbows: 0/0, heart checked & clear (07/11)
Hemmo (Horace Horsecollar): Elbows: 0/0, heart checked & clear(07/11)
Enya (Gentle like Susan): Hips: A/A, elbows: 0/0


Ransäter triple Int show, Sweden

Day 2: Judge Nils Molin placed Nero 2nd Best Male with Res-cacib and res-CAC.
Day 3. Judge Arne Foss placed Nero 2nd Best Male with res-cacib and CAC, so we have a new Swedish Champion All Heroes Prince like Kaspian!

Fi & S Ch All Heroes Prince like Kaspian



At Pieksämäki group II speciality show judge Marianne Holm placed Mauno (All Heroes Lion like Aslan) Best of Breed with CAC! Little Aada was at junior class, where she got Excellent and 1st of her class. Great day!


Happy Birthday to the Duckburg-litter who celebrate their 1st Birthday today!

All Heroes Mad Madam Mim


Tuusula national show

All Heroes Ms Emily Quackfaster aka Aada started her show career at junior class today. This 11 months old lady won her class and finally become 2nd Best Bitch with res-CAC! Way to go girl!


Kotka INT show

Today at Kotka Hemmo (All Heroes Horace Horsecollar) got excellent in junior class. Nero was first time in open class and judge Gunnel Holm from Finland placed him 1st of his class, Best male and finally Best of Breed. Nero got his 4th CAC and 2nd Cacib and gained Finnish Champion title! Now he is officially Fi Ch All Heroes Prince like Kaspian. Thank you Janette for showing him!

Avesta, Sweden

Same day Nisse was competing at Avesta, Sweden. Judge Soile Bister from Finland placed him 1st of his class, Best Male and BOS! Nisse also got CAC and become Swedish Champion! Big congratulations Annica & S MVA All Heroes Chief as Reepicheep! We are very proud of you:)




Happy Birthday to Narnia-litter who celebrate their 2nd Birthday today!

All Heroes First Queen O'Narnia


Speciality show at Norberg, Sweden

Nisse was competing in intermediate class at Swedish Speciality show. Judge was Sanna Vakkilainen from Finland who placed Nisse 2nd of his class and finally 2nd best male with res-CAC. Nisse was also choosed to compete in "best movements"-competition.

Hagrid's and Inka's puppy Texas (Bohlby Nordstjärna) was placed BOB-puppy, like his sister Zoe in Holland a week ago! His littersister Stella (Bohlby Stella Polaris) become 2nd of her class and sister Singha (Bohlby Vega) 4th of their class.

Big congratulations Annica and Ebba!!!

All Heroes Chief as Reepicheep

Bohlby Nordstjärna


Bullmastiff Club Nederland, Club show 2011

Hagrid's and Inka's puppy Zoe (Bohlby Cassiopeia) started her show career well! Judge Jürgen Sauer (Deutchland) like her a lot and placed her BOB-puppy :) Well done Zoe!


Vallentuna INT, Sweden

At Vallentuna Int show Nisse become 3rd best male with res-CAC. Judge was Whitney Elaine. Way to go Annica & Nisse!


Österbybruk, Sweden

Nisse (All Heroes Chief as Reepicheep) was competing first time in intermediate class and did it well; BOS & CAC :) Congrats Annica & Nisse!


Happy 4th Birthday to Harry, Hagrid, Roni, Ginny, Enni, Lilja & Luna! Harry Potter-litter is the special one because it was our first litter after years of plans that didn't happen.

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid


Finnish mental character test, Tuusula. Judges Lea Haanpää & Kari Mäkinen

Häkkinen (All Heroes Giant as Hagrid):

Capacity to function +2
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1
Desire for defence action +1
Desire for fight -1
Nerves +2
Temperament +3
Mental Hardness +3
Accessibility +3
Shots: secure to shots
points 206

Roni (All Heroes Loyal as Ron):

Capacity to function +1
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1
Desire for defence action +1
Desire for fight -1
Nerves +1
Temperament +2
Mental Hardness +1
Accessibility +3
Shots: secure to shots
points 125

Enni (All Heroes Clever Hermione):

Capacity to function +1
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1
Desire for defence action +1
Desire for fight -1
Nerves +1
Temperament +3
Mental Hardness +1
Accessibility +3
Shots: secure to shots
points 140

Ginny (All Heroes Red like Ginny):

Capacity to function -1
Tendency to aggressive behaviour +1
Desire for defence action +1
Desire for fight +2
Nerves +1
Temperament +1
Mental Hardness -2
Unfamiliar with shots
points 86

Aino (Ambre de Molossie):
points 69


Tampere Int Show

At Tampere International Show Mauno (All Heroes Lion like Aslan) was placed 3rd best Male with CAC by judge Sharon Sakson (USA). Congratulations Johanna and Anu!


At Lappeenranta International Show Nero (All Heroes Prince like Kaspian) went BOB again! He gained his 3rd CAC and 1st CACIB! Way to go Janette and Nero! Nero's critic:
"Excellent type. Nice head & expression. Excellent bone. Little bit long loin. Hight enough, powerful movement. Little bit narrow front & behind. Excellent temperament."
-Anatoli Zhuk-


Our little "Hurrice" Sanni (Bullgrin's Kind of Magic) got excellent health results! Elbows were 0/0, hips (unofficial) A/A, heart & knees clear.

Sisu (All Heroes Chief O'Hara) got also clear heart & knees.

Sanni 11 month

Sisu 8 month


Welcome to Finland Bohlby Sirius! This charming brindle boy live with his new owners and a rotweiler girl. Sirius is happy and brave little boy and we are very happy to have him. Thank you Ebba!


Tuusniemi Group II Speciality

Nero (All Heroes Prince like Kaspian) was entered first time in intermediate class at Tuusniemi. It went really well and judge Jari Laakso from Finland placed him 1st of his class, best male, gave him CAC and finally placed him BOB! Congratulations Janette!

All Heroes Prince like Kaspian


We went to see Hagrid's and Inka's beautiful litter at Bohlby bullmastiff's in Sweden. Thank you Ebba for your hospitality! I'm really looking forward to see what future brings for these seven little ones :) There is a picture of a brindle girl named Zoe.


At Lohja Group II Speciality 10 month old Sanni and four 7 month old puppies from Duckburg litter were in their first show. Sanni won junior class, got excellent and CK, Hemmo become best male puppy and BOS-puppy and all the girls get hounour prize. These youngsters got a good start for the show rings! Judge was Jari Laakso from Finland.

Sanni, Bullgrin's Kind of Magic

Hemmo, All Heroes Horace Horsecollar

Milla, All Heroes Magica de Spell

Aada, All Heroes Ms Emily Quacfaster


Now most of the puppies from our Narnia-litter has been in health checks and results can be seen down below. Eyes has been checked from 6 puppies (Mauno, Nero, Nisse, Fanny, Lahja and Iita) and these were clear. Hearts has been checked with all of them and hearts were normal :)

Jade: elbows 0/0, hips A/A
Fanny 0/0, A/B
Lahja 0/0, B/B
Iita 2/2, A/A
Ruuti 0/0 B/A
Mauno 0/0, C/C
Nero 0/0 C/B
Nisse 0, B

Jade in action! photo: Heidi Ojarinne


Seven lovely puppies has been born at Bohlby-bullmastiff's in Sweden! Hagrid and Inka are proud parents of 4 girls and 3 boys, 6 brindle and one red girl. Congratulations!


We wish you all Happy New Year!

Sanni, December 2010


Sara celebrated her 8th Birthdy today!


Högbo Sandviken Show, Sweden

Judge Ligita Zake placed Nisse best male and BOS, so Nisse got his second CC! Big congratulations Annica & Nisse!

Nisse ( All Heroes Chief as Reepecheep)


Speciality Show, Paimela

Judge: Giuseppe Alessandra

Manu( Lion like Aslan) junior class excellent

Nisse (Chief as Reepecheep) junior class very good

Nero (Prince like Kaspian) junior class very good

Hagrid (Giant as Hagrid) champion class excellent4


Kouvola & Heinola national shows

At Kouvola national show Manu and Fanny was shown in junior class. Manu was placed best junior male, 2nd best male and he got also res-CC. Fanny got very good. Judge was Antonio di Lorenzo. Next day in Heinola Manu got excellent but was too late in the show ring so he didn't get placement in best male class. Fanny got very good there too with judge Januzs Opara.

Fanny & Manu at Heinola


Mäntsälä & Alfta national shows

At Mäntsälä national show Nero was placed 1st of junior class, 3rd best male and he become also BOB-junior!
Same day Nisse was shown at Alfta national show, were he won junior class, get CK and was placed 2nd best male. Big congratulations Janette & Annica!

Nero (All Heroes Prince like Kaspian)

Nisse (All Heroes Chief as Reepecheep)


Puppies are born! We have now six lovely little ones, four females and two males :)


Jönköping triple show

Nisse and Annica were in Jönköping triple dog show, where Nisse got excellent results. He won his class (junior) all three day and was placed in Best Male ring every time and got his first CAC too! Congratulations Nisse & Annica!

judge: Petra Junehall
1st in junior class, BM2, CAC

judge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk
1st in junior class, BM-reserve

judge: Butrimova Kornelija
1st in junior class, BM3

Nisse (All Heroes Chief as Reepecheep)


Big congratulations to our Narnia-litter for celebrating their 1 year old birthday! Thank you all for lovely homes you gave for them!

Jade 1 year old


Sanni (Bullgrin's Kind of Magic) has arrived! Sanni is lovely red girl out of Gardienne Respect O'Bullgrin and All Heroes Giant as Hagrid


Järvenpää national show

First show for 11 month old littermates Jade and Nero. Judge Cvetka Bogovcic (Slovenia) plcaed Jade 1st in junior class with VG. Brindle boy Nero got it all; 1st in junior males, best of males and Best of Breed with CAC! Congratulations Janette and Nero!!

Nero (All Heroes Prince like Kaspian)
Jade (All Heroes Adventuress as Jill)
Joensuu Nat and Int shows

Joensuu national show judge Irina Poletaeva placed Hagrid 1st in Champion class and 2nd Best Male. Next day's International show judge Christian Stavarache (Romania) liked Hagrid a lot and he become Best of Breed with Cacib.

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid.

Saturday Nisse was shown in Swedish Bullmastiff club's Speciality in Norberg, where breederjudge Inger Daehle (Norway) placed him 2nd in junior class with red ribbon. Next day Nisse was in Österbybruk International show where he also got 2nd in junior class with red ribbon, this time judge was Kurt Nilsson from Sweden. Way to go Nisse and Annica!

Nisse (All Heroes Chief as Reepecheep)


Happy 3rd Birthday to our Harry Potter-litter!

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid.


Hagrid's and Muffin's puppies are growing fast. 5 weeks old today!


Puppy plans updated; Ginny's mating is done and now we can just wait...


Elvis has passed away. We miss our Gentleman so much so it's hard to find any words... We are so grateful these more than 10 years that Elvis shared with us. We have so many great memories that give a little comfort for this big sorrow.

Fi & Dk Ch Rambull's Ever Ready to Bullbugbear


Happy 10th Birthday Elvis! We celebrate our Grand old man's Birthday today with lot's of cake and presents! We are so lucky that Elvis has been here so many years now. This fellow is so kind, loving, loyal and has a big big heart!


Four 7 months old puppies from our Narnia-litter went last time to the puppy class at Lahti Group Speciality. Judge Saija Juutilainen placed Nero BOB-puppy and her sister Jade BOS-puppy.

Nero (All Heroes Prince like Kaspian) BOB-puppy

Jade (All Heroes Adventuress like Jill) BOS-puppy


At Helsinki puppy show our three little monsters Manu, Fanny & Lahja from Narnia-litter had so much fun! Showing was not like we practiced because puppies were too happy to be there... But better be happy in the show ring than scared ;) Judge placed Lahja (All Heroes First Queen O'Narnia) BOB-puppy and Manu (All Heroes Lion like Aslan) BOS-puppy. Fanny get honour price too.

Lahja BOB-puppy.


Nisse (All Heroes Chief as Reepicheep) went to the Göteborg's MY DOG Int show. Judge Tapio Eerola from Finland placed him BOB-puppy. Congratulations Annica! Nisse's critic:
"6 månad, bra storlek och proportioner. Bra skalle, långt nosparti, sunda ögon, korrekkt bett, bra bröstkorg och benstomme för åldern, normala vinklar, raka rörelser"

photo: Photomic AB


At Nordic Winner Show All Heroes Giant as Hagrid got excellent. Our boy was still a little too young this time :)

Hagrid, 22.12.2009 waiting for Christmas


At Helsinki Puppy Show judge placed All Heroes Lion like Aslan BOS-puppy and All Heroes Adventuress as Jill best bitch of puppy class 5-7 months. End of the day our breeder group was placed BIS4-breeder. Great day, thank you all for coming to the show!

Adventuress as Jill, Jade


Happy 7th Birthday Sara!

Every year, on your birthday,
I think about how glad I am
that you were born.
Every year is another year
filled with the special joys you bring
just by being yourself.


This is our normal life today :)

Joonas 7 mth & Elvis, 9,5 years.


We had a puppy meeting for Narnia-litter today. It was great to see so many of them again at the age of 15 weeks, and notice how self-confident and happy little fellows they were :) Thank you all for coming!

Brindles from our Narnia-litter


We had a traditional unofficial Obedience competition organized by our breed club. Our team consist of mother Aino and her three puppies Hagrid, Roni and Enni. Hagrid become 3rd and Roni 5th of unofficial novice class. Enni and Aino competed in novice class and Enni become 2nd and Aino 3rd. Our team become 2nd, so we had a great day :) Next year again like always!

Eija & Roni
Me & Hagrid
Heidi & Enni
Me & Aino


Puppies has moved to their new homes. Good luck little ones to your new lives!

Lahja and best pillow


Joensuu National Show
At Joensuu national show judge Marija Kavcic from Slovenia placed Viljo ( Boston Lady's Once in a Blue Moon) BOS so Viljo got his first CC! Hagrid won champion class and was placed 2nd Best Male.

Joensuu International Show
Next day judge Walter Schicker from Germany placed Hagrid (Fin Ch JWW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid) BOB with CACIB. Viljo was today 2nd Best Male with CC.

Walter Schicker's review from Hagrid:
"A most impressive speciment! An ideal combination of the required massiveness & functionality! Wellproportioned head. Correct bite. Strong muzzle. Dark eyes. Ears carried & placed typically. Excellent neck & topline. Correct angulations. Impressive brindle. Very well balanced anatomy and mentality. Moves fluently."

National Shows BOS & BOB

International shows BOB & BOS


Puppies are growing fast! These monsters are 4 weeks old now and looking like miniature bullmastiffs at the moment :) We update newest pictures to our blog.

All Heroes Prince like Kaspian 3,5 viikkoa


We have puppies!

Our Narnia-litter arrived today. We got 11 puppies; 7 females and 4 males. A red girl and a boy and the rest of this gang are brindle coloured.

Aptus Int show Helsinki

At Aptus Int show judge Jack Bispham from Uk placed Hagrid 1st of open class, 2nd best male and gave him CC and res-cacib. So Hagrid become a Finnish Champion at first possible show, one week after his 2 years Birthday! So Hagrid is now Fi Ch JWW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid.

Elvis become 4th best male and BOB-veteran. At the age of 9 years it was his first time in veteran class and judge was really pleased to see how good condition bullmastiff can still be and how easily he still moves :)

Ginny become 1st of open class with very good.

Hagrid's critic:
"2 years old dark brindle. Good square head & muzzle. Powerull neck. Well-boned, straight front. Good feet. Nice topline & tailset. Looks good on standing & move"

Elvis's critic:
"9,5 years. Good temperament. Good neck & topline. Nice angulation witch gives him easy action & nice reach. Looks good for that age!"

Hagrid & Elvis


Harry Potter-litter is 2 years old today! Congratulations to you all :)

Birthday girl Enni


Kemijärvi speciality

Lotta (Crinklegrace Uncommon) become Best of Breed and Finnish Champion! Judge was Jari Laakso from Finland.
Big congratulations girls!

photo: Minna Hartikainen


Elvis celebrates his 9th birthday today! Big congratulations for our Special Boy, we love you really much :)


Hip hurraa! Our Princess Aino is 4 years today!

Little-Aino 3 months old... how cute :)


Excellent health results! (hips):

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid: A/A

All Heroes Loyal as Ron: A/A

All Heroes Red like Ginny: A/A

All Heroes Clever Hermione: A/A


Lahti dog show last Sunday was Salme's day. Judge Reia Leikola-Walden from Finland placed Salme best bitch, BOS and gave her CC so Salme became Fin CH at first possible show! Thank you Sanna for super handling, and big thanks to Salme's breeder Satu for this beautifull girl :)

Fin CH Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero


We started a show year 2009 at Kajaani Int show with Lotta (Crinklegrace Uncommon). Judge Harry Tast gave her 1st of youth class, Best bitch & BOS and of course CC & Cacib! Congratulations to Lotta and her home crew :)

Lotta and her trophys


We wish you all a happy and succesfull year 2009!


Health results:

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid: heart & eyes: checked and clear (12/08)

All Heroes Loyal as Ron: heart & eyes: checked and clear (12/08)

All Heroes Red like Ginny: heart & eyes: checked and clear (12/08)

All Heroes Clever Hermione: heart & eyes: checked and clear (12/08)

Hagrid & Enni 19 month old, December '08


Lotta's (Crinklegrace Uncommon) official hipscore: C/C.


Happy Birthday Sara! Our lady in the house is now 6 years old -or actually 6 years young :o)

"It takes a long time to grow young."
- Pablo Picasso -


Lotta's (Crinklegrace Uncommon) health results:

* heart & eyes: checked and clear (10/08)


Seinäjoki Int Show

At Seinäjoki Int Show we got juniors Enni and Viljo and Aino in open class. Judge was Birgitte Gothen from Dennmark. Viljo was first time in the show ring and he got excellent and 2nd of his class. Enni was in junior class too and got very good and 2nd of her class.
Judge really liked our red princess Aino and placed her 1st of her class, best bitch and finally BOS! So Aino got CC, cacib and become Finnish Champion! Wow, way to go girls! Big congratulations!!!

Fin CH BH Ambre de Molossie "Aino"

"Good size & type, very nice head, strong neck & front, excellent topline & body, well angulated, good feet, good mover, excellent coat & colour."

All Heroes Clever Hermione "Enni"

"Good size & type. Promising skull, correct ears, very good topline, sufficiant bone. Promising body, good mover, correct tail, very good colour."

Boston Lady's Once in a Blue Moon "Viljo"

"Very nice type, promising head. Nice muzzle, correct ears, dark eyes, strong neck, correct front & rear, good bone & feet, little steep in the croup, correct tail and angulation."


Sanna and Aino were at BH-test today and Aino passed it! This is the behaviour portion required prior to competing in working dog competitions. Aino will now carry the title "BH" so she is no officially BH Ambre de Molossie. Great work girls :)


Happy Birthday little Viljo! Viljo will celebrate his 1st year Birthday today! Viljo sends a lots of birthday greetings to his family in Norway :)

photo: Sanna Kinnunen


Kemi obedience trial, judge Allan Aula

Sanna and Aino (Ambre de Molossie) competed an officiall obedience trial in novice class. They did it really well and Aino got 1st prize and total 177 points. Now they need only one 1st prize to get a title TK1 and I'm sure they'll get it really soon :) Congratulations Sanna & Aino!

Aino 3 years old.


Tornio Int Show
Lotta (Crinklegrace Uncommon) started her show career at Tornio Int Show -and she did it well :) Lotta won intermediate class and get excellent and finally judge Joao Filipe Lisboa placed her 2nd best bitch so she get her first CC and res-cacib. Congratulations Lotta and her home crew!

photo: Nina Paakkari


Turku national Show
At Turku Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) was placed 2nd of her class with excellent. Judge was Mr Erwin Deutcher from Austria.

Pori International Show
Next day we drive to Pori and take a look what judge Mrs Rita Reyniers (Belgium) would like about Salme. This time judge placed Salme 1st of her class, Best bitch and finally BOB! So Salme got CC & Cacib! Way to go girl!



Stockholm, World Winner Show 2008

We went to Stockholm World Winner Show with three youngsters; 13 months old Hagrid, Enni and Ginny. Judge Grethe Bergendahl from Norway enterd my tigerboy 1st of junior class so All Heroes Giant as Hagrid is now Junior World Winner 2008! What a day! .

JWW-08 All Heroes Giant as Hagrid

Girls did well too, Mr. Frank Kane from Uk gave Ginny (All Heroes Red like Ginny) excellent and Enni (All Heroes Clever Hermione) very good. Well done girls!

All Heroes Clever Hermione

All Heroes Red like Ginny

World Bullmastiff Speciality, Norberg

Next day we spend a lovely day in Norberg at World Bullmastiff Speciality. No success this time, all three got very good. It was so nice to see all you guys; many friends from all over the world! See you in WDS Dennmark 2010 ;)

Ginny at Speciality


At Järvenpää national show judge Irina Poletaeva from Finland placed Hagrid 1st of his class and finally 3rd best male with res-CC. Ginny-sister got blue ribbon this time... Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) was enterd too and she was placed 2nd of her class and 2nd best bitch with res-CC!

Next day we got again national show, this time judge was Seamus Oates from Irland. Hagrid was placed 2nd of his class with very good; judge liked our girls more because Ginny get excellent and become 2nd of her class. Aino was 2nd of her class with excellent and was finally placed 4th best bitch :)






Health results:

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid: elbows 0/0 (clear)

All Heroes Loyal as Ron elbows 0/0 (clear)

All Heroes Red like Ginny elbows 0/0 (clear)

All Heroes Clever Hermione elbows 0/0 (clear)


Tuuri national show

We went to Tuuri national show with juniors Hagrid and Enni and their mother Aino (open class). Judge Jari Laakso from Finland loved Hagrid and placed him to BOS! So Hagrid got his 2nd CC allready! Enni got very good and won junior class females. Great end for this show was that judge placed Aino 2nd best female and she got CC too!

Hagrid (All Heroes Giant as Hagrid)

Enni ( All Heroes Clever Hermione)

Aino (Ambre de Molossie)

18.05 ja 20.05.2008

Sanna and Aino started their officiall obedience career and entered two obedience trials in May. In Kouvola 18.05. Aino got 2nd prize and 147 points and few days later 1st price at Hämeenlinna 20.05. Way to go girls, we are so proud of you!


Harry Potter litter celebrated their 1 year old Birthday! Congratulations for all of you! I want to say Thank you for all their owners; you take such a good care of them.


Today we were at our breed club's unofficial obedience competition. Aino and Sanna won their class so Aino got title "Obedience moloss 2008"! Aino's daughter Enni (All Heroes Claver Hermione) won their class too so "like mother like daughter" :) Big congratulations girls!

Aino & Sanna

Enni & Heidi


Vaasa Int show and Hagrid got his first CC! Judge Marija Kavcic, Slovenia, placed him 2nd best male with CC, too young to get res-cacib. There is judge critics from Hagrid:
"11 months old, good size. Broad head wih good proportions. Good bite. Well set ears. Correct body and tale. Well balanced movement. Good temperament. ".
Aino was placed 4th best bitch with res-CC.

Hagrid 2nd best male with CC


Father Elvis sends Birthday greetings to her beautifull girls Lotta & Oili to their 1st year birthday!

Lotta & Oili 4 weeks old


Lappeenranta Int show. Hagrid 10 month was his first junior class show and got very good and become 2nd of his class. Salme was there too and this time she too got very good and was placed 2nd of her class.


Aino got Canine Good Citizen-title today! Congratulation Aino and Sanna, well done :)


Tampere Int show. Judge Chris Walkowicz, Usa, liked Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) a lot and placed her best bitch with CC and Cacib and finally BOS! Way to go my tiger girl! There is judge opinnion of her:
"Beautiful head. Excellent proportions. Smooth moving, smooth flowing lines. Good breadth of chest."

Aino got very good this time and she was 3rd of open class.

Salme BOS



Salme's official hip results are excellent, A/A! What a great news! Than you Satu for this little princess :)


Happy Birthday Elvis! Elvis celebrate his 8th years old birthday and had a lot of fun that day :) We are so happy to have this lovely and sweet little teddybear, we just hope to still have many years together!

Elvis 8 years old


Big congratulation to our red french girl Aino, who will celebrate her 3rd Birthday today!

Aino 3 years old


Turku Int Show
Judge Boris Chapiro from France placed our Hagrid BOS-puppy. Sister Enni (Clever Hermione) was not in the show mood today and was placed 3rd best bitch puppy. Aino got red ribbon from open class.

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid BOS-puppy

All Heroes Clever Hermione


Lahti dog show
We started our show year at Lahti group speciality. Judge Marja Talvitie from Finland placed Hagrid BOB-puppy and sister Ginny (All Heroes Red like Ginny) BOS-puppy.

All Heroes Red like Ginny VSP-pentu

Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) won open class with "very good" and Aino (Ambre de Molossie) got only "good"... Judge didn't like bitches from this show at all because Salme was only bitch who got even red ribbon ;)


We wish you all a happy and succesfull year 2008!

This is a first day of year 2008, it's January and we here in North still got no snow... I took that picture a month ago when dogs had so much funn with snow. We did celebrate Christmas and new year eve so now we have to go toward all that what this year is going to give for us. I hope we can meet many of you friends this year and have many new ones :)


Little elf Viljo wishes you all Merry Christmas!


Helsinki Puppy Show

This time only Enni (Clever Hermione) was at the show ring practising for the real dogshows. Judge Matti Takanen didn't gave any HP:s...But most important was that Enni behaved really well and was nicely in the show ring :) Great job Enni and Heidi!

All Heroes Clever Hermione


Helsinki Puppy Show

At Helsinki puppy show judge Teija Salmi-Aalto placed Hagrid BOB-puppy. Her sister Enni become BOS-puppy. Good start little ones!

All Heroes Giant as Hagrid BOB-puppy

All Heroes Clever Hermione BOS-puppy


Huge congratulations to Sara, our Miss Hurricane, to her 5 years old birthday!

Another year has come and gone;
The sands of time keep trickling away.
Your birthday reminds me to let you know
I'm thankful for you each and every day.

By Karl Fuchs

Sara is waiting for her birthday guests :)


Elvis's daughter Lotta (Crinklegrace's Uncommon) started her show career at Rovaniemi Dog Show. Judge Nils Molin from Sweden placed her BOB-puppy. Congratulations Lotta!

photo: Nina Paakkari


We went to Norway have a little holiday with my friend Satu ( Bullgrin's Bullmastiffs) and this little man just wanted to come with us and see what is Finland like ;) Viljo (Boston Lady's Once in a Blue Moon) is a really brave and outgoing little boy and we are so in love allready! Thank you Ragnhild for your hospitality and you and Linda from Boston Lady's to trust little-Viljo for us. And Lisbeth and Fred for taking care of the puppies, it was so lovely to see you and mother Amy too.


We visited at Harry's new home in Norway. Harry has grown a big and happy boy!

All Heroes Brave as Harry, 5,5 months old


Seinäjoki Int Show

At Seinäjoki international show Aino (Ambre de Molossie) was placed BOB! She won open class and get CC and Cacib too. Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) won junior class and she became 2nd best bitch with res-cc. Judge was Rade Dakic-Kica, Serbia.

Aino BOB, CC, Cacib

Salme 2nd best bitch witch res-CC

More health results:
Elvis: Heart: checked and clear, Eyes: checked and clear (10/07)
Aino: Heart: checked and clear, eyes has been checked year ago and were healthy too.
Salme:Elbows: 0/0

Salme's health results: Heart: checked and clear, Eyes: checked and clear (10/07)


There are some new photos of Roni (Loyal As Ron), Ginny (Red like Ginny), Enni (Clever Hermione) and our boy Hagrid ( Giant as Hagrid).

Our Harry Potter-litter want's to congratulate their dad Chaboum who earned his N Ch-title a while ago! Chaboum was at unofficial MH-test too (it's not official in Norway), we are very happy to hear that Chaboum got good test results.

Roni 13 weeks

Ginny 14 weeks

Enni 15 weeks

Hagrid 15 weeks


Happy Birthday Salme, our 1 yeard old lady!


Puppies have moved to their new homes except little Hagrid, who stayed with us at home. Good luck and happy life for everyone!

Hagrid & Roni playing, 9 weeks old


Elvis become a grandfather today! His daughter Nethi (Est JCH Est CH Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth gave birth 8 red puppies, five girls and three boys. Mom and puppies are doing fine :)

More information of that litter: Harem Ulmaf.


Puppies are 7 weeks old now so they are soon ready to leave their new homes. We will definitely miss them all, even when we know that they have such wonderfull homes waiting their new family members coming home. Our vet was here this Friday and all the pups got healthy-pup certificate and they all got microships. This seven weeks has been great time, everything has been so easy with them. We still have few days to watch them playing, then they are ready to the real world!



There is some photos of Elvis daughter's Lotta and Oili. Oili shows that even if bullmastiff likes water, that doesn't mean that they love to swim... And Lotta is posing like a model, nose almost touching the camera :)


Puppies and Aino are doing fine :) I just have been quite busy lately so I haven't done any updates, sorry... Puppies are 3 weeks now so we have a lot's of life in here!


Puppies are born! Aino gave naturally birth to seven babies, 4 females and 3 males. Mother and the puppies are doing fine.


Lotta (earlier "Martta") has moved to her new co-owned home and Oili ("Maija") lives now a full time member with breeder-Taata's rottweiler's and mother Meeri. Lotta is our new little girl, she is owned together with me and Nina Paakkari ( Bullbugbear Bullmastiff's) and lives with her co-owners Minna and her family. We can't wait to see what this brave little girl will do when she grows :) Thank you Minna to let her come to your home.


Somero group show judge Marja Talvitie placed Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) BOB-puppy with honour prize. Way to go little Tiger!


Today we have to let our love Inka to leave to the rainbow bridge. It was her time to go and we have to be crateful these almost 11 years when our Sunshine was with us. House is so empty without her, she was so special dog for me...

Thank you My Sunshine, we all miss you so so much!


We went so see 2,5 weeks old girls Martta and Maija. Puppies are doing fine and they grows so fast, I can't wait to see them when they are few weeks older. More photos at Elvis's own site -> litters. Thank you Taata to take such a good care of these red girls :)


National show Rakvere, Viro
Elvis's daughter Nethi (Est Jch Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth) become Est CH today! Judge was Ramune Kazlauskaite, Lithuenia. Congratulation Merilyn & Sirly!

Nethi (right) with her "little-brother" Nero


Two little Princess has been born! Red girls Maija and Martta and they mother Meeri are doing fine, proud father Elvis sends a lot of kisses to her girls :) For more information of that litter, please contact to their breeder Tarja Koho ( at Crinklegrace-Bullmastiff's.


We drive to the Norway to see Aino's boyfriend Chaboum who is owned by Tommy Stenberg at Showmann Bullmastiffs. We got really lovely trip, Chaboum was a great boy like we expected and she and Aino definitely like each other. Matings went well and now we just have to wait the results :) Tommy and Mona took such a good care of us so thank you again for that. It was so nice to meet all their dogs, expecially "the one and only" Mister (Multi Ch Mister Lonesome av Showmann); I just fell in love with that boy.

At Sunday we went to see Oslo and met Hilde and Glenn from Old Manila's Bullmastiff's and of course their lovely bullies Nick, Fame and Phoebe at famous Vigeland Park . We spend a great day there with our friends, park was really fantastic so if you go to Oslo someday you should visit there.

Now we are back home safely and just keep all our fingers and toes crossed that Aino's belly start growing after four weeks.


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Elvis, Happy birthday to you! Today Elvis has celebrated his 7th birthday. No gray hairs at all and this boy look's just like he was 5 years ago :) Thank you again Mary of this wonderfull gentleman, we are so proud of him.


Helsinki Special Puppy Show. Judge Elina Haapaniemi liked little-Salme and placed her BOB-puppy! Way to go little girl :)


Today our girl Aino celebrates her 2nd year birthday party! Congratulation and many kisses from our gang.


Helsinki, Special Puppy Show. Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) started her show career today, time goes soooo fast! Salme was very happy to be there and full of energy, just like show dogs should be :) She was placed 2nd of her class (puppies 5-7 months) with honour prize. Judge Hannele Jokisilta gave her really good review so this was a good start. Salme's next puppy show will be next Sunday, and I'm sure she will have a lot's of fun then too!


We got puppy news today! Meeri (Bullbugbear's Marmelaari A/A, 0/0 ) has been in ultrasound and she really is pregnant. Here is more information of that litter: Crinklegrace Bullmastiffs & rottweilers. Father Elvis is really pround :)


Tallinn, Estonia. Mastiff Club Specialty Show. Judge Pamela Jeans-Brown from England placed Elvis's daughter Nethi (Est JCH Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth) second of her class with exellent and finally 2nd Best Bitch. Congratulation Merilyn and Sirly!


Aino started her show year 2007 at Lahti Dog Show. Judge J.A.U Yrjölä from Finland was quite strict today, so we were happy that Aino won intermediate class with "very good". Aino's muzzle is too short for this judge, but excluding that judge gave her very nice critic.

Salme has started her puppy training class and they have been there twice. Salme has behaved there really nicely, like she has always trained obedience at noisy hall wit all these other puppies :o)


Happy New Year 2007!

We wish all of you a lots of happy moments for year 2007!


We finally got results from Top Winning Bullmastiffs in 2005. KANS & FIN& S& LTU & LV Ch Jw-03 W-03 Oligopolin Amor Vivus became Top Winning Bullmastiff Bitch 2005 :) Aunt-Inka did same in 2001 so this was Sara's turn! In 2006 Sara was shown only two shows and she became Int & Lv & Ltu Champion. Now she is retaired from dog shows and concentrate to do only searching and rescue and tracking -things that she really love!


Aino was shown at Finnish Winner Show-06. It was not her best day and she got Very good and was placed 4th of her class.


We got the letter from Belgium which says that the title of International Beauty Champion has been confirmed for Sara. So Sara is now official Int Ch!


Happy birthday Sara!

Today was Sara's 4 years old birthday and we celebrate it with a cake and lot's of happy moments :o)


We went to Jyväskylä International Show with Aino. Aino was competing second time at intermediate class and judge Jari Laakso from Finland placed her 2nd of her class with exellent and then finally 4th Best Bitch. Judge was really pleased for Aino's beautifull and free movements!


Aino got her official hipresults, D/D. Eyes were checked too and her eyes are healthy.


Today our new girl Salme (Bullgrin's Doubtless Hero) moved to her new home. She lives with her co-owners Marna and Ari and we all are so pleased for this brave and happy little girl! And then, after 14 years with red bullmastiffs our first brindle has arrived...

Salme 6,5 weeks old at her old home


Great news from Estonia: Nethi's official x-ray results for hips are A/A and elbows 0/0, best possible results! Congratulation Nethi and Merilyn, daddy-Elvis is so proud :)


We went to Oulu International Dog Show with Aino, were Aino was showed first time in intermediate class. Judge Ann Long-Doyle from Ireland placed her 2nd of her class with excellent and then 3rd Best Female. There is Aino's critic:

"18 month old bitch. Very good proportions. Very feminine expression. Good dark eye. Good pigmentation. Correct earset. Nice reach of neck. Good depth of chest. Good bone. Good hind quarters. Very well handled. "

photo: Riikka Holappa


Today Elvis and Sara went The Finnish character test for the dogs, judges were Lea Haanpää ja Kari Mäkinen. Test results at the dogs own page!


Elvis's daughter Nethi, Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth, became Estonia Junior Champion! At Padise national show, judge Helge Lie from Norway placed her BOS. Nethi`s critic:

"Very promising, 17 months. Very nice head. Nice dark eyes. Good ears. Very nice feminine expression. Good neck & topline. Good front. Very good body proportions. Good body & bone. Well angulated behind. Good coat. Moved & showed very well."

Congratulations Merilyn and Sirly!


Holidays are over and we are back in the city again. Some new photos from my dogs enjoying holiday at summer cottage at "Photos" -> "My home crew"' and "Sara's" album.

Here is some pictures of Sara's new friend Jeppe, like you see, the love is in the air!

Aino was at holiday too, she spend it at Northern-Finland with her co-owner Sanna and her "big-sister" Veera. New pictues are at "Photos" -> Aino's own album.


Happy 10th Birthday to my Sunshine Inka! Inka had a big birthday party, thank you visitors for all the gifts and everything :o)

Njam, a lot of goodies and delicious pancake

Inka at pet shop, choosing what kind of bones and bisquits she wanted...


Nothing much has happend here lately, just enjoying the summer :) We took some new photos today, here is Sara and Elvis showing you how hot is here...Lot's of tongues!


National Show Räpina, Estonia. Nethi was placed again BOS, she became BOB-junior and she got her second junior-CC. Now she need's one junior-CC to became EST JCH. Judge was Raijko Rotner, Slovenia. Huge congratulation again!


National Show Luige, Estonia. Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth aka Nethi was placed BOS and she got also junior-CAC. Judge was Evert Wieldraaijer, Holland. Congratulation Nethi!


There are some new photos of puppies from Elvis's litter in Estonia. Here is the boy, Macho (Harem Ulmaf Gilmore-More) and her sister Nethi (Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth). Puppies are now 14 month old. Thank you Merilyn, lovely photos!


We got our Speciality in Vantaa at warm and sunny day this weekend. Judge was Pamela Jeans-Brown from England and 87 bullmastiffs was entered for her ring. Aino did very well in the junior class and was placed 1st of her class! Way to to Aino and Sanna :) It was so wonderfull to see all these dogs and met a lot of old dear friends and have a new friends too.


European Winner Show 2006, Helsinki. Next day we went to European Winner show, again with Aino. This time judge Rafale Malo-Alcrudo didn't placed her, but gave her an "Exellent". Now little-Aino will stay home and her next shows are not untill the end of this year.

Aino definitely had fun on the ring ;)


Järvenpää, national show. Our junior Aino got excellent and res-CC and was placed 2nd best bitch! Congratulation Little-Aino! Judge Adriana Griffa, Italia gave this review:" One year two months. Typical young bitch. Nice expression, good neck, topline, angulation. Moves well. Good coat and colour. Good temperament.

(Picture was taken week ago at Valmiera Int Show)


Saturday 20th of May, Valmiera Int Show, Latvia. Sara was placed BOS and got CC and Cacib so she became LV Ch and International Champion too! Aino got blue ribbon but good reviews, judge Ove Germudsson from Sweden thought that she needs more time. And we agree, but she is only young junior bitch :o)

Next day we went to the Plunge National Show at Lithuenia. Sara was this time BOB and got CC again, so she become LTU Ch too. Aino was 2nd of her class with excellent. Judge was Kornelija Butrimova from Lithuenia.

Sara BOB at Lithuenia, Sara at the right

Sara and Aino at Lithuenia


Aino and Sanna were today they first unofficial obedience trial.


Aino's official elbowresults came from Finnish Kennel Club. Her elbows are 0/1, so we are happy for that.


Last Sunday we started searching-season for this spring. Dogs love to do work like searching missing people, so Sara, Elvis and Aino were so eager to finally work again, after winter break. You can see how they loved it at the photos we take there.


Here are some new photos of Sara's Alma-sister's puppies. Puppies has grown so fast and they are already moving to their new homes. Good luck for the future!



Greetings from Crufts! We spend some days in England and of course we went to Crufts to see bullmastiff ring. There were 152 bullmastiff entries and this year Best of Breed was beautifull fawn bitch GB CH Optimus Holly (Owner: Mr P Myers). BOS went to nice brindle dog Fowlerheight Rasto (owner: Mr D & Mrs L Aldcroft). ->photo below
And not the mention that it was really lovely to see an old friends and get to new ones; nice holiday indeed :)


We have another here who celebrates his birthday this week. Our boy Elvis has his 6th birthday today, so congratulation Elvis! Thank you Mary and Nina for this wonderfull Gentleman! We don't want to change any day with him, so much happiness and joy with this easy little men :o)


Today we celebrate Aino's first birthday, she is 1 years old little girl now.

Happy Birthday Aino! Joyeux Anniversaire!

Aino today


Sara want's to congratulate her sister Alma (BH Oligopolin Amore Virtutis), who gave birth a beautifull litter of brindle puppies! Proud father is "Goljat", Fin CH Royal Seed's Black Gentleman. There is 8 puppies, 5 male + 3 female -and they all are brindle.

All five boys at the picture


Happy New Year 2006 to everybody!

Nothing much has happend here lately, but maybe it's a good thing: No news is Good news. It's been so icy cold tempetature lately that dogs need to put some clothes on before go to outside. It's been about -25 C degrees so now we have a real winter... Below is a photo were Inka shows how to go out that kind of weather: put your jacket and shoes on and then you can go walking outside :o)


There is Aino, Santa Claus's best friend!


Helsinki Nordic Winner Show. Aino was first time in junior class and she was also youngest junior (9,5 month old). She was so happy to be there and enjoyed every moment at the show: lot's of people and potential dog friends :) Judge Wenche Eikeseth from Norway didn't gave any exellent to juniors that day so we are pleased to Aino's "Very Good". After this show Aino will stay home and start her show career at spring. We are really loooking forward to see her maturing!


National Dog Show at Sillamäe, Estonia. Elvis's 8 mth old daughter Nethi, (Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth), was placed BOB-puppy. Judge was Jaroslav Matyas from Slovakia. Congratulation Nethi!


Congratulation Sara, 3 years old today! Well, she is still our little girl :)


Helsinki Puppy Show. Judge Marianne Holm really loved Aino and placed her BOB-puppy and finally 3rd best of Group! She gave Aino lovely critic too.This was Aino's last puppy show and next time she will be shown at junior class in Helsinki Nordic Winner Show.


At Espoo Puppy show Aino was placed first of her class and she got HP. Most of all, we were so pleased of Ainos behaviour at her first show inside at the hall were she was just she has been there every weekend ;)


Aino is now 7 month old and she has started her show career couple of weeks ago. Finnish Bullmastiff Speciality she competed at baby puppy class and was placed 2nd of her class. Aino is going to two puppy shows at November and after that she will move over to junior class.

Aino has started obedience and searching and rescue trainig too. She is clever little girl who loves to do all these :) But looks like that searching and rescue is something that get her really enthusiastic, let's see how far she will go with this. There are some pictures at Aino's searching and rescue training.

Sara has been two shows lately. At Kotka Int show she was placed BOS with Cacib. At Finnish Bullmastiff Speciality she won champion class (12 champion bitches) and become 3rd Best Bitch.

More photos from Finnish Speciality you find here:

Finnish Speciality pictures and results


Tallinn, Estonia International Show judge Tapio Eerola placed Sara 2nd best bitch with res-cacib. The winner bitch was allready International Champion so cacib will become for Sara. Nice trip to Estonia, we might go there later next year with Sara and Aino :)

Sara at the hotel - she enjoyed soft bed and white sheets...


Today my old lady Inka is 9 years old! I'm so glad that she has been here with me all these years, I don't wanna change a single day of that time. She is definitely one that I can call a real bullmastiff -and she really is my sunshine :)


At Joensuu International show judge Helge Lie placed Sara Best of Breed. She has gained now 5 cacib from this year so not bad at all! Here is judge's review: "Very nice champion bitch. Nicely built head, good eyes and ears. Nice, feminine expression. Very good neck and topline. Good front, body and bone. Well angulated. Good temperament. Moved and showed very well "


We travelling to Sweden again, this time to Piteå International show. Our trip was very succesfull becourse judge placed Sara BOB, so she is now a new Swedish Champion! Unfortunately we had to leave before the main ring started and start to travell 13 hours back to Helsinki. Sara got now her first CACIB from foreign country, hopefully next will come later this year ;o)


We went to Norberg to the Swedish Speciality with Sara. Weather was terrible, it was raining hole day. This time, Sara was placed 2nd of open class with Certificate quality. We had a really nice trip and we certainly come back later -but we hope that weather will be that time just a little bit better ;)


Leppävirta National Show judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo liked Sara and placed her best of breed. Hopefully he still likes her next year at European Winner Show here in Finland... " Very attractive bitch. Excellent head and expression. Excellent neck. Lovely shoulders. Typical mover"


Today Sara did well again at the showring! At Helsinki International Show judge Kari Järvinen placed her BOS and gave her CACIB :o) Next weekend she is entered to the Leppävirta National Show and after that we will go to the Swedish Bullmastiff Speciality - I'm really looking forward this trip.


Today we finally got Aino home from France! She is now 10,5 weeks old big red girl. Her real name is Ambre de Molossie and I own her together with my friend Anne Salmela (Stormward Bullmastiffs). Aino lives with co-owner Sanna and she has a "bigsister" Veera to taking care of her. Aino is a brave, self-confident and happy puppy, our hope for future :o)


Sara's sister Alma, Oligopolin Amor Vivus, has today passed BH-test! This is the behaviour portion required prior to competing in working dog competitions. Alma is 3rd bullmastiff in Finland who has passed this test and now she is titled BH. Huge congratulation for Alma and her owner Petra!

photo: Anu-Jo Pihkanen


We went to the Tallinn to see Elvis's and Lola's puppies. Puppies were 6 weeks old, beautifull little boy and a girl. Their names will be Harem Ulmaf Gwyn-Gwyneth (girl) and Harem Ulmaf Gilmore-More (boy). Hopefully we see puppies later,we wish our very best for their future :o) (More photos:go to Elvis's page)


We started our training season and both Sara and Elvis will be seen our searching and rescue group. Sara started more "serious" training too, we will practising searching and rescue at Helsinki searching and rescuedogs-team (Hepeko). There Elvis shows you why bullmastiff love rescue: njam, meatballs...


Puppies 18 days old, they are growing so fast :o)

photo: Merilyn Meristo


Puppies are born! Elvis has sired his first litter: 24.3 Lola (Est Ch Harem Ulmaf Delilah-Lah ) whelped two puppies, a red boy and a red girl (photo below: puppies 1 days old)

photo: Merilyn Meristo


Yesterday we went to Tampere International Dog Show with Sara, she entered first time in champion class. Sara did great again: judge Katrin Lahi placed her BOS and gave her Cacib!

Photo below: BOB Remarkabull Rumour Has It and BOS Oligopolin Amor Vivus

photo: Sanna Kinnunen


Today our Little-boy Elvis is 5 years old!Time goes so fast...

Happy Birthday

"Happy Birthday" means much more
Than have a happy day.
Within these words lie lots of things
I never get to say.
It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I'm proud of you.
But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
With pleasure and with love.
-by Turlough O'Carolan-


Sara become FIN CH today! At Turku International Dog Show with 37 Bullmastiffs, judge Helmut Suppan placed Sara Best of Breed and gave her CC and Cacib :o) So now, at the age of 2 years and 2 month Sara gained her Champion title. Thank you Katja for this lovely lady!

Photo: Josefina Lönngren


Lola, Est ch Harem Ulmaf Delilah-Lah, from Estonia (photo below) was mated with Elvis. More information of this litter, please contact: Kennel Harem Ulmaf

07.01.2005 Happy new year!

Christmas is over and we have start a new year. A lot of things happend last year but we hope that this year will be better. Sad thing was that Selma didn't wait puppies like we hope, but we keep our fingers crossed that some other plans that we have made will become true :o) Sara will start her shows this year at Turku International Dog Show 30.01. Next show after that will be Tampere 20.03, Lahti 24.04 and Hamina 22.05.


Some picture's from Sara at the Espoo Searching and rescue- training.


Helsinki International Winner-04 show: It was Sara's first time in open class, being age of 2 years and 2 weeks - a big girl... Judge Bas Bosch from Netherlands placed her 3rd Best Bitch with res-CC so not bad :) "Quality bitch, well constructed thought slightly long castel. A true athlete! Well developed head with nice stop and muzzle, would prefer smaller eye. Well angulated front and hind, lovely top and underline. Balanced, sound mover. Lovely condition"


Finally english version of our new homepage is ready! I hope you enjoy your visit :o)


Now we keep our fingers crossed and hope that at the end of December 2004 a lot of puppies will be born for Selma, nice brindle bitch who live's in Northern Finland (photo below). Selma (Fin Ch Bullbugbear's Tiikeli) was seen Elvis and now we can't wait the results... Read more "puppies" page.


Tampere Dog Show: Elvis become FIN & DK CH today! Judge Rodney McDowell from Ireland gave him CC and placed her BOS.


Sara was taking 2nd best bitch and her 5th CC with Helsinki National Dog show! Judge Christofer Habig from Germany really liked her and this is what he said about her "Super strong, fit and firm. Hard muscles, outstanding conditions, wonderfull neck and topline. Deep chest, super ribcase, perfect hindquarters. Outstanding profile, head slitly flat but overall typical keen expression. Ideal handling, outstanding temperament"

Today is Inca's 8 years old birthday! Happy birthday my little girl :) Is it really been 8 years when Inca was puppy?! ->Photo: Inca, trying to hide her gray hears...

we were at the Sawo Show were sun was shining and it was almost too hot, for dogs and us. But still first day in national dog show Sara was taking BOS and CC and next day international she was placed 2nd best of bitches with res-CC and res-cacib. Elvis was placed 3rd of open class with "very good". ->Photo: Sara BOS


Sara was taking 2nd best bitch and CC at the Finnish speciality under breed specialist Bill Harris (Bunsoro bullmastiffs)! ->Speciality photo's


At Mikkeli National Dog Show Elvis was BOS and got he's second CC. Sara's first time in intermediate class and she win her class. Next show is our Spesiality 24th of July in Pyhtää, Sara is going there.


News page is open! This will tell you what's happen in our lives.

I got my prefix, All Heroes. I hope that every puppy that born here will be a hero for eyes of their own family.